About Okanogan SAR

Our Okanogan County Search and Rescue team has been around since 1998 as a volunteer group working for the Sheriff’s Office.  As in most parts of the US, SAR responsibilities fall upon the county sheriff, who decides how to perform these missions.  We maintain a well trained, organized resource that the sheriff can call upon when help is needed.

Our team is made up of around 50 members.  We have folks of all levels of experience and expertise. Our toolbox includes specialized teams such as the Technical Rope Rescue Unit, Search Dog Team, ORV team, Horse Search Group, Ground Search Unit, Communications, Incident Management, and Swift Water Rescue.

We use a variety of off-road equipment, watercraft, aircraft, communication and navigation equipment.

In 2017, we formed a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization.  As public funding has decreased, we have had to look to private sources of funding to cover our operating expenses.  Even with an all-volunteer workforce, we have to update equipment, cover operating costs, and partially offset our members training costs.  Non-profit status will help us to achieve these goals.

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